• Virus Removal Service


Malicious software comes in several forms and can damage your personal documents and system files. A virus can present itself as a pop up advert or you may not even know you are infected.
Viruses – Root-kits – Spyware – Adware – Fake-ware – Pop Up Adverts.
We can remove all types of virus and malicious software. We offer a fixed price 350/- In addition to cleaning the computer, we install the latest security software and updates for Windows to keep you protected online. We can even take a backup of your data prior to carrying out any work, if there is important data that you are worried about.

Virus Removal & Protection with Operating System Installation.
In some cases, when a machine is badly infected and system files have been effected, a Format & Re-installation of the operating system is necessary. If we need to go down the format & re-installation rout we will first inform you then you can decide whether or not you want us to carrie out the service.
You will only be charged for the one service so if you give us the go ahead you will only be charged for the format & installation service at our fixed price which is 1000/-

Anti-Virus Software Installation Options;
It is important that you are protected by an up-to-date and efficient virus scanner and spyware remover. Accrington PC Repair can supply and install the latest in anti-virus protection to keep you and your family safe online. Options include Purchase of premium anti virus software suite (Prices Below), Installation of a free suite of protection software or alternatively you can supply your own and we will install it for you..
K7 Total Security
Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspersky Antivirus
Total 360 Security

Virus Removal Service

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