Does your computer have a lot of Dust in it?
Dust buildup can affect your computers performance.  The dust, and dirt buildup in your computer can affect the cooling abilities of the fans, and actually lead to cooling fan failure.  Once those cooling fans stop working, the electronics heat up and it is the beginning of the end.

How can we help?
We can come into your home, or bring your computer out of your home so that the dust is contained, and disposed of.  We will use a vacuum, brushes, caned air, etc to ensure that your computer is cleaned properly.  We will clean off all the cooling fans, and brush out all the cooling fins.  As well as wipe, and vacuum all the areas of high dust.

How much life can regular cleaning provide?
Cleaning your computer on a regular basis can  help extend the life of your cooling fans, and ultimately your computer for several years.  I have had multiple computers in my home, and regular cleaning has turned a 2-3 year computer into going on 10 years now.  It still runs well.  I have had some of the components die before the cooling fans have.   Having a catastrophic event such as over heating is easy to avoid, and will extend the life of your computer.

Computer Cleaning Services

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