• OS Format & reinstallation

if you are having problems with your operating system it can be benificial to reinstall it. We will format your hard drive, reinstall the operating system and get your PC running as new

 Upon formatting your hard drive and reinstalling the operating system you will lose any data that is stored on the PC. We recommend you backup critical files, photos, music etc before proceeding with this service.  If required you can use our data backup service and we will do the backup for you!


Our operating system installation is a set price of 700

 This cost covers the time of the operating system installation, no matter how long it takes. There are no extra charges or hidden costs.

What we include when installing an operating system;

virus removal in accrington Installation of the latest updates and service packs

virus removal in accrington Install the latest anti virus/anti spyware/anti adware software

virus removal in accrington Installation any software you supply

virus removal in accrington Activation of your Windows software

virus removal in accrington Defragement all hard disks so your computer is running to it’s full potential

OS Format & reinstallation

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